Top 5 Best Protein Rich Food in India?

Protein Rich Food in India

So What are the Top 5 Best Protein Rich Food in India? If that’s what you are looking for, then you are in the right place. There are many foods which provide protein that is beneficial for your health.  Protein helps our body to get all the perfect diet which is needed.

Getting more protein daily is essential. The reason is really simple when we age our body starts to lose muscles that’s why lean protein is beneficial. Once we reach our 50s, we become weaker, so proteins are considered to be part of every meal.

A rich protein breakfast helps to fast your metabolism. So you can have high energy throughout the day. I would suggest you have a full protein diet during the day so that you don’t feel much hungry. The less you are hungry, the more you have energy.

Below is my list of 5 Protein Rich food in India which you must try. They are healthy, and you can cook them quickly. Also if you want to add them to breakfast, you can use them easily.

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5 Best Protein Rich Food in India

Protein Rich Food in India

Asking the same question of Do I have enough protein in my diet? Can be complicated. But did you know the Indian diet is rich in bad fats which are not healthy for your diet? Mostly people from India are vegetarians which can be a positive point. Here are my 5 Protein-rich foods which you can find in India.


Protein Rich Food in India

An egg is among the 3 best sources of protein. An Indian poultry egg contains 6 grams of proteins. This includes 3 gram of egg white and yolk. On egg provides almost 75 kcal of energy which can keep you active throughout the day.

Eggs contain enough of BCAA which are enough to build muscles in your body. Also, egg whites are a perfect source of pure proteins. That’s why bodybuilders eat 5-6 egg whites in breakfast to get all the proteins.   

From eggs, you can make amazing Indian recipes which can be rich in proteins. Don’t have those thoughts in your mind that eating more eggs would cause heartburn. You need the egg white which you can have of 6 to 8 eggs. If I am a vegetarian? You can reply the eggs with your favorite Pluses which I am going to explain in the next part.



Cheese is rich in protein if you take the right portion. It’s not popular in the rural part of Indian, but people from cities do try it in breakfast. So if you are worried about this food, doesn’t worry, it’s good for health.

The taste of Cheese is delicious and can be a rich protein Indian diet. You can have it at breakfast or during lunch. Eat it with brown bread to balance the number of macros and nutrients in the body.

You can also use cheese cubes while you are cooking Indian dishes the taste would be amazing. One slice of Amul Cheese contains 60 kcal of energy which is healthy. So if you want to buy cheese, you can have it in 60 INR which is cheap.

Another word for cheese in India is Paneer. Both contain the same amount of proteins, but this is famous among Indian vegetarian. So if you are vegetarian have them in breakfast.

Plain Yogurt

Protein Rich Food in India

Yogurt is a fantastic source of protein. You can have a decent amount of protein, and it will also slow down the process of carbs. You can have it in breakfast with a slice of brown bread or during the lunch with Roti. It’s perfect for your low-calorie diet.

You can have 60 Kcal in one serving. Also, it’s rich in calcium, Vitamin D3, and probiotics. Just remember to avoid sugar in yogurt if you are planning to lose weight.

You can have 400 gram of yogurt in 70 INR. By spending this amount, you can have all the 15 grams of proteins.

Chick Peas

Top 5 Best Protein Rich Food in India?

Chick Peas also are known as Legume, which is popular in India. The bodybuilders from India have them during breakfast and workouts. The best part of Legume is that you can eat it raw. All you have to do is soak them overnight using baking soda. They are rich in fiber.

I cup of chickpeas contains 145 gram of protein and 256 kcal. So if you are cooking 100 grams of chickpeas, you can have almost 9 grams of protein.

The price is low you can have 100 gram of Chick Peas in 30 INR. Isn’t it unusual to have such a protein diet at a low cost?


Protein Rich Food in India

Lentils contain 9 gram of protein if you cook 100 grams of them. Lentils are best for vegetarians as it provides more fiber and 116 kcal energy.  You can have them with bread or roti. Also, it’s the most famous food which is served with White rice. You can buy them for 150 INR.

Other Protein Rich foods in India

If you are not a Vegetarian, then you can try different foods like Chicken, Fish, and turkey. All of them are rich in proteins and fiber. If you want to try dry fruits, you can have Almonds also they are rich in protein.

Almonds contain 7 gram of proteins which can be your mid-day snack. So if you feel hungry have Almonds instead of chips.

Green peas are also rich in protein. 1 cup of green peas contains 8 grams of protein which are high in fiber.

Final Words

Forget about that food which is expensive and have labels these are high in proteins. You don’t have to spend so much money when you can have all the proteins from your home foods. According to the recent study, almost 80% of Indians are not getting enough proteins. Due to which their bones are getting weak. 80% contains an age group of 30-55.

So don’t just see yourself one of them, transform yourself from protein deficient to a healthy person. If you have any other foods which are good in proteins, let me know in the comment section.

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